Thursday 25th February

Finger gym

  • Write the tricky words in flour, salt, white board and rub off with cotton bud, or chalk
  • with the are was
  • Check you can read them back afterwards.



  • Watch Mrs Robert’s handwriting video.
  • Practice forming the capital letters G H I on your whiteboard, or in flour, salt, talc or go outside with water and a brush.


  • Watch the video of Mrs Roberts modelling her superhero.
  • Stick a photo of your child’s head in your workbook and get your child to draw their own superhero body.
  • Help them to label their superhero with
  • Eg laser eyes, shiny cape, mask, red top, gold tights, strong muscles etc.

Outdoor play

  • Move like superheroes – laser hands, super-fast, fly, tiptoe, climb a wall (pretend), spin a web, disappear into your cloak. Can they think of their own moves?

Weekly dance



Extended learning for Maths

Dan sentence

  • Watch Mrs Robet’s Dan video –   Dan is next to the plant.
  • No need for the children to write the sentence yet. Get your child to repeat the sentence to help them get it in their brains and write the words “next” “plant.”