Good morning everyone,

We hope you all had a terrific Tuesday – it was freezing but so exciting to see the snow swirling down in the afternoon. Today it’s:

Watch Mrs Avery’s class greeting this morning to listen to a story about staying connected:

Your next Teams’ assignment will be on Friday – more of that later in the week.

We’ve pasted a quick reminder of your daily routine here to help you keep track of what you should be doing, but you can do this in an order that suits your working pattern at home.

Catch up with Guided Reading:


Warm-up: Keep practising your spellings. This week: Week 6: Using the ‘-cian’ used instead of ‘-sion’ when the root word ends in ’c’ or ‘cs’. If you have lost your booklet you can click on the link below, it will take you to the correct page.


Main task:  Today you’ll begin writing your information leaflet, if you haven’t already started. Watch Mr Marshall’s video to get some Top Tips on how to tackle this project:


Warm-up: Keep practising your times-tables. Remember the Times Tables Wheels are on Monday’s post if you need them.

Main task: Today we’re going to continue our work on Division.

Watch the video: edited video:

Complete the worksheet: Divide-2-digits-by-1-digit

Check you answers:  Divide-2-digits-by-1-digit answers

Geography Water: Will I ever see that glass of water again?

This week we’re going to find out who owns the water and why water conservation is important.

Watch the video:

or Download the PDF: Geography Session 4 Who owns the water

Knowledge organiser: Water Knowledge Organsier

Don’t forget to login in for your Teams’ meeting tomorrow morning at 9:00 am.

See you all tomorrow.