Home Learning Letter – Year 1

Dear Parents / Carers,

Below is the suggested timetable of activities for Tuesday.

                                                                   Tuesday 12th January 


Yesterday we looked at the Naughty Bus story. You can listen to it again if you wish. Yesterday you created 4 scenes with your naughty vehicle and drew pictures/took photos of them. Look at them carefully and choose your favourite scene. Write at least three interesting sentences to describe what happened. Where was the vehicle? What did it do? How did it feel? Did anyone see it? What did they say? Eg The Naughty bus drove into the lounge. He zoomed quickly across the coffee table and sent Mummy’s pile of papers flying everywhere. No time to stop said the Naughty Bus. Oh no! shouted Mummy.

Spend 5 minutes practising the spelling words from last week: thing sing bring string wing king


Mrs Hicking is delivering your phonics lesson today and the sound you will be looking at is u-e.


Today we are looking at adding by making ten.

Please watch the video clip. There is no worksheet or written recording of work today. Please draw two large ten frames (a grown up can draw them for you) and practise different additions by making ten, using red and yellow counters, just as the video suggests. (You could use Lego pieces for counters if you don’t have any).


Read one of the school books we delivered. Practise the sounds at the back of your reading diary too.


At school, before lockdown, we looked at different features in West Bridgford. You can look at the power point again to remind your selves. Can you think of any features in West Bridgford that are not on the power point? We are now going to learn about human and physical features. Human and physical features are things that you can see all around you. Physical features like seas, mountains and rivers are natural. They would be here even if there were no people around. Human features like houses, roads and bridges are things that have been built by people.

Watch this BBC Bitesize clip and scroll down through the short activities below it.

Now go on a little walk and see what human and/or physical features you can see. You will be doing a map of your walk tomorrow.