Home Learning Letter Year 1

Good morning everyone!

It’s Friday again! The week has just flown by. We really loved seeing you all yesterday and listen to you share your favourite books. We have been really impressed with all the hard work you have been doing at home. Your Teams assignments and the work that you have emailed has been lovely. The progress you are making with your neat Year 1 handwriting is fantastic. We are now seeing clear ascenders and descenders and everyone is trying hard to write on the lines. Well done everybody!

Here is Friday’s timetable of activities:


See how you have got on with learning this week’s spellings. Get your workbook and pencil ready for a little test with Mrs. Poole and Mr. Macaw.

Watch the video to see your new spelling words for this week: soon food moon gloomy balloon school.

Now do the oo activity There are 6 jumbled up sentences with your new spelling words in. Can you unjumble the words so that the sentences make sense? Write the correct sentences neatly in your workbook. Make sure the words are spelt correctly.


For phonics today have a go at this game. You can play it more than once to help you remember your sounds.


For some ‘Friday Fun’ click on this link and read a comic. You can read one from phase 3, 4 or 5. You choose!


Today we are continuing with one more and one less. Watch the video and then complete the worksheet from yesterday (attached here again), or write the answers in your workbook.

Remember to keep practising counting backwards. You can use this splat square ‘Paint the Squares’ to help you. Select the chart 1-50 or 1 – 100. Then pick a puzzle: ‘1 more & 1 less’ or ‘Lines.’ Click on ‘new’ and then click on the missing numbers as you count.


You have really amazed us with your fantastic drawings in this topic. This afternoon we thought it would be fun to develop your drawing skills and have a go at drawing a rocket watching a real illustrator. Get a sharp pencil, a rubber and a blank page in your workbook ready. Then watch this video and follow the instructions to draw a rocket. If you would like an additional (optional) challenge you can draw a spaceman watching this video too.


Finish the day with this rocket song. Join in the words, add some actions and find something to tap along to it with!

Have a lovely weekend!