Home Learning Letter Year 1

Dear Parents/ Carers,

We hope you have all had a lovely weekend and are ready for our last week of home schooling this half term. Today there is a live meeting with the teachers. We are really loving seeing the children, even if it is just on a screen. Mrs Hicking is meeting with 1HB at 9am and Mrs. Poole is meeting with 1P at 1.15. We are going on a scavenger hunt!

Here are the rest of the day’s activities:


Today for Literacy you are going to create a story setting for a moon story, but instead of drawing a picture in your book we would like you to create a 3D one with whatever you have at home. You could use a sheet for the moon, or make a round moon shape with a long piece of string. On the moon you could build a rocket with Lego, make one with a rolled up piece of paper or loo roll or draw a rocket on card and stand it up. You could make craters and / or rocks with bottle tops, pasta, scrunched up kitchen foil, construction bricks, rolled up socks. You could make a playdough alien or draw an alien on card and stand it up.

You can do your moon story setting however you like. There is not a right or wrong way of doing it. Just use your imagination and have fun! If you could email us a picture of your creation that would be fantastic! We can’t wait to see them!


This weeks words are : soon moon food gloomy balloon school . Help Mr.Macaw learn the spellings too.


Read your reading book and Bear words.


Phonics with Rosie. Today’s sound is ‘are’.


Today you are comparing objects to 50. Watch the video and complete the  worksheet or write the answers in your workbook.

Remember to keep counting backwards too. You can continue practising using the splat square: ‘Paint the Squares’ to help you. Select the chart 1-50 or 1 – 100. Then pick a puzzle: ‘1 more & 1 less’ or ‘Lines.’ Click on ‘new’ and then click on the missing numbers as you count.


You are going to be a historian, learning about the history of the bicycle. It is a Teams assignment. Please submit your completed work by 4.30pm.


Finish off your learning with this lively astronaut song. You could try and join in with the chorus words and actions.