Home Learning Letter Year 1

Good morning everyone!

Here are the lessons for Wednesday:


Literacy is a Teams activity today. You are writing a book review. Please submit your completed work by 4.30pm. We are really looking forward to reading them.


Continue to learn the words:  might  high  tonight  light  fright  bright . Choose a word. How many times can you write it in 1 minute? You will have to write super fast, but remember the words must be spelt correctly!


Keep reading a book every day and remember to read your Bear Words too. We are looking forward to seeing your favourite books in our meetings tomorrow morning.


Join in phonics with Rosie or play the ‘Picnic on Pluto’ phase 5  game on Phonics Play. (username: jan21  password: home)

Today’s sound is split digraph o – e ‘Phone Home’.


We are looking at numbers to 50 and finding different ways to represent the numbers. Watch the video and complete the worksheet or write the answers in your workbook.

Design a rocket

Today you are going to design and label a rocket in your workbook.

Watch this video clip of a real rocket launch.

Now watch the power point where Mrs. Poole tells you all about drawing your own rocket.

Mrs. Toom’s Assembly

Enjoy watching Mrs. Toom’s assembly to finish off today’s learning.