Good Morning Year 2 and welcome to Tuesday. We hope that you enjoyed your art work yesterday. We have been so impressed by your super sketching skills every week. Make sure that you are logging onto spelling shed and learning your words each week too. We keep checking your scores and are loving the way you are earning rewards to change your avatar. There are some very exciting hairstyles that certainly wouldn’t be allowed in school!

Today’s learning is listed below.

Guided Reading.

Today we are continuing our non-fiction text Be Healthy, Be Happy. We are retrieving today so listen carefully to the text and make sure to find the clue words in the question. Click  here  to listen to the narrated powerpoint.


First to  listen to Mrs Horton reading the next part of the story, click

In Literacy today, you are going to plan what happens to grandma when she takes the medicine. Think carefully about your ingredients and choose 4 of them. Next think about what might happen to Grandma because she has had a medicine with that ingredient in. For example, if you have included extra hot sauce, it may blow off Granny’s head! You can write or draw a picture about what happens but then you must include notes to describe what happens. For the extra hot sauce, her eyes might bulge, she might grab a glass for water, steam might come out of her ears. Try to add as many ideas as possible. There is a sheet to record on below but you can write your ideas anywhere. Make sure that you keep them though – you’re going to need them tomorrow.

I have included my ideas  here   as a sneak preview for tomorrow. If you look at them when you have finished your ideas, you could see if you would like to magpie any of them!

Story planning sheet 


Today in maths we are continuing our work on arrays. To watch the Power-point click here  to access the worksheet click here 

should you need to watch the video separately to the Power=point use the link below:

Here are the answers: Array answers For additional support materials use this link  Tuesday support worksheet


This week in PSHE we continue to think about our Hopes and Dreams and how to create a calm and happy place. Listen to the Power-point  here    and we hope that you enjoy your creations.


Today in Spanish we are using the vocabulary about fruits to say which fruits we like and dislike. Make sure that you have a go at saying the words out loud to work on your pronunciation too. Click  here for the lesson ideas.

We hope that you have a lovely Tuesday year 2. Don’t forget to send us any pictures of your work so that we can see how well you are doing and also include them in our learning gallery on the website.

Make sure that you spend some time outside too and get some fresh air. Maybe you could see which parts of your garden are calm and happy – like in our PSHE lesson today.

See you tomorrow.

The Year 2 Team