Hello everyone

We would like to say a very big well done to you all for your sensible and mature approach to our PSHE lessons this week.  We have been so impressed with your careful attention, excellent attitude and thoughtful questions.

Homework – Human changes from birth to old age

Today you have been given pictures of different stages of human life.  Please cut these out and stick them in order from the baby in the womb (pre-natal) to old age.  Stick these on a separate piece of paper.  Then, label each one.  You can use the labels provided and stick these with the picture or you can write them.

Please bring your work into school by Thursday 8th July 2021.  Leave your work in your bag until we ask you for it or put it in your tray.

If you cannot find your pictures, here is a Word version   and here is a pdf version. You don’t have to print – you could use this as your guide to draw and label the different stages of human life.


You have a paper version of this week’s spelling sheet for you to practice your words.  Our routine is still the same and we would like to continue testing spellings on a Friday each week.  Please make sure you are ready for this by practicing your words for a few minutes each day.  You can also play the games on Spelling Shed to help you remember the words.  If you cannot find your words, the PowerPoint that we used in school today is here so you can check the words.

Have a lovely weekend.