Monday 1st March

Finger gym

  • Adult to read out the superhero words – pow, wham, crash, bash, zoom boom.
  • Children to sound out words using their robot arms and then write them down .
  • They could write them on their whiteboard or make some big comic bubbles.

Guided Reading

  • Please read along with Mrs. Simister

  • Also log in to the Oxford Owls. So many books to choose at various levels.

Dough Disco

  • Get your dough ready and dance along with Mrs. Simister’s superhero dough disco –



  • Watch the video showing the story of Traction Man (Mrs Simister will be reading this to you tomorrow as well)
  • Act out Traction Man in your bath or sink with a sieve, a scrubbing brush, a dish, cloth, spoons and toy food. Can you catch the different objects with the sieve?

Weekly dance



  • Warm up
  • Watch Mrs Simister ’s introduction to halving.
  • You will need 2 toys and some real or pretend food
  • Explain that the two toys are going to share their food equally. What is equal?
  • Share the amount of food equally, say we are giving them half the amount each.
  • Take out an apple ‘oh no, there’s only one apple, what can we do?”
  • Model cutting it in two unequal parts – is it fair? How can we make it fair?
  • Get your child to tell you how to make it fair – cut equally this time – is it fair?
  • We need to cut the apple into equal parts. That is two halves so that they can have half each.