Home Learning Letter – Year 1

Dear Parents / Carers,

Welcome back! We hope you have had a relaxing weekend. Thank you for the fantastic Flat Stanley stories that you submitted via Teams. We really enjoyed reading them. We have also received lots of lovely emails showing us some of the work that your children have been doing at home. A few parents have asked if they should be emailing work to us. This is only if you want to, but sometimes it can help to motivate the children if you say ‘Let’s email a photo of your fantastic work to your teachers.’ It is also nice for us, when we are responding to emails and sorting home provision, to receive a photo now and again. It helps us feel in touch! Please continue to submit the two Teams assignments each week.

Below is the timetable for Monday. Joe Wicks is starting his half hour workouts today if you fancy giving them a go to stay active! Click here.

                                                                Monday 11th January


This week we are looking at the book Naughty Bus by Jan and Jerry Oke. Watch the video of Mrs Poole reading it. Once you have listened to the story, choose one of your toy vehicles and set up some ‘Naughty Vehicle’ scenes. Your naughty vehicle could destroy one of your Lego models, knock your toys over or drive through your clothes drawer. We are sure that you will have lots of ideas of your own. Try and create 4 scenes. You can photograph them or draw pictures of them in your book. We will be using these for your writing tomorrow.

Please spend 5 minutes practising last week’s spellings: thing sing bring string wing king

Phonics (Please do this after 9.30am when the new video for today is released)

Visit YouTube for the daily lesson 

Look at the ‘Set 3’ lessons unless they seem too tricky, in which case the ‘Set 2’ lessons are also Year 1 appropriate. Today’s Set 3 sound is o-e. Please do the speed sounds activity (about 11 minutes) and then if you are able to, do the spelling activity too (about 10 minutes).


Today we are looking at finding and making number bonds

Please watch the video clip  and then complete the maths worksheet. If you are unable to print this worksheet then please write your answers in your book.


Read one of the school books we delivered. Practise the sounds at the back of your reading diary too.


Please do the art activity on Teams and return your child’s work by Tuesday 12th January at noon. You will be learning how to draw a bike and we are really looking forward to seeing your work.