Home Learning Letter – Year 1

Dear Parents / Carers,

We hope you are all ok. We are disappointed not to be teaching your lovely children face to face but please use our new Y1 email address to share the work and activities your children are doing at home – year1@abbeyroadprimary.co.uk. You can also use this email to ask us any questions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you.

You should all have received, or will be receiving shortly, a workbook and some reading books to use during this lockdown. These books will be collected in when you return to school.

Whilst learning from home, there will be a suggested timetable of activities for the children to complete each day. We understand that learning from home looks different for each family, so please use the timetable to suit your family. When completing tasks the children can use their book to record their work, or do so electronically. Each week we will set two pieces of work which we will give feedback on.

In a typical day at school, the Year 1 the children spend some time choosing and selecting activities eg building with construction toys, small world play (Farm, Playmobil, My Little Ponies), doing jigsaws etc to support their learning. They also have opportunities to cut, stick, draw and paint. At home the children will also need similar opportunities to play – we would not expect your child to be sitting and working formally all day. They certainly wouldn’t be doing this at school!

The children are always on the move at school. It is really important that the children keep active during this time. This may be using just dance videos or Oti Mabuse’s dance routines on youtube or going for a walk, playing in the garden and going on a bike ride.

                                                 WEDNESDAY 6th January 


Please watch the video clip of the Flat Stanley story we looked at on Monday at school. Write two sentences about what would be good about being flat like Flat Stanley and two sentences about what would be bad. Use the word because in your sentences and remember to start each sentence with a capital letter and finish it with a full stop. Don’t forget neat handwriting and finger spaces.


Read one of the school books we delivered. Practise the sounds at the back of your reading diary.



Today we are looking at adding by counting on.

Please watch the video clip and then complete the Worksheet. If you are unable to print this worksheet then please write your answers in your book.


On Monday we made a Flat Stanley and wrote a letter to our friend or relative and we had planned to walk together and post our letters. Please could you do the activity below and record your answers and watch the clip about the journey of a letter. Then, at a convenient time, post the letter. Please save the replies you receive as we would love to share them when we all eventually return to school.

Letter to Flat Stanley:

  1. Look at the address on your envelope. Where is Flat Stanley going? Can you find it on a map or on Google Earth?
  1. How do you think Flat Stanley might get there? Does he have to travel across the sea?
  1. Can you find out how far he will be travelling?