Monday 18th January

Dear Parents / Carers

Welcome to another week of home school!


Todays literacy task is a sentence writing task set within Teams.

Please also try to practise this week’s spelling words – nk words, for a few minutes.


It is phonics with Rosie today, set 3 sound today is ‘er’ , remember to wait until after 9.30 to access the videos.


For maths today we are going to revisit a concept that we looked at last week. The staff in school felt that the Key Worker children in school really needed to visit this again so we imagined that would be the case for lots of children. Please today watch this video up to where the lady says ‘now have a go at question 1 and 2’ then do this Maths worksheet   which is different to last week but will hopefully reinforce the ideas.

The children will need tens frames (a grown up can draw them) and red and yellow counters (or lego / Connect 4 counters).


We loved some of the maps we got emailed – well done! So today we are thinking about what we like and what we don’t like in West Bridgford.

Mrs Boughton is having a look at 10 places around West Bridgford and showing you a picture of them here.

Once you have watched to clip we want to know your opinion, there is no right or wrong! Simply divide your page into three section, mark each section with a star so you have a one star, two star and three star section. 1 is the worst, 3 is the best. An example image is here


Put each of these places into the section that matches your opinion – by drawing it and labelling it. Do send us some emails of your work! You can add other local places if you wish too.

  • The Park                  Library
  • Pizza Express        The Avenue
  • Co-op                        M+S
  • Trent Bridge          Forest Ground
  • Abbey Road            The Embankment

To finish the day here is a story read by Mrs Boughton.