Year 1 Home Learning Letter

Tuesday 26th January

Dear Parents / Carers,

Today we are doing a live Teams ‘Hello’ with the children at home. 1HB children will be meeting with Mrs Hicking at 9am and 1P children will be meeting with Mrs. Poole at 1.30pm. It is all very exciting but the technology is new to us so please bear with us! Fingers crossed it goes smoothly! We are really looking forward to seeing your children again.

Here is the timetable of activities for today.


Today the children are going to be writing questions to find out about the alien that they drew yesterday.

Listen to the song to learn some question words.

Now watch Mrs. Poole introduce the activity.


Spend 5 minutes practising your spellings : today play away always holiday stayed


Phonics with Mrs. Hicking today looking at the sound ear.


Today we are going to revisit the maths done yesterday, to reinforce understanding. Watch yesterday’s video again all the way through. Then do the worksheet, or write your answers in your workbook.


Today there is a Teams assignment about Neil Armstrong. Please can you submit your completed work by 4.30pm.