Year 2 Home Learning – Monday 22nd February

Hello everyone and welcome back. We hope that you have had a lovely holiday, managed to get outdoors and active as much as possible and enjoyed some lovely time together. Today we are going to start our new theme for this half term which we hope that you enjoy. We always love teaching this one so we hope you enjoy it too.

Remember that when you complete any tasks you can do so electronically (via microsoft powerpoint or teams) or just use a pen and paper and take a photograph to send to us. Please use the email: to contact the Year 2 team and we will get back to you asap within the next working day.

Let’s find out what we are all up to today.

2WP Teams Meeting today with Mrs Worton at 9.30am.

Guided Reading

Today we are starting a new text and Mrs Horton is asking us to use our VIPERS to predict what the story could be about, where it is set and who the characters might be. Click on the narrated powerpoint  here to find out all about it.


Today we are learning about the next spelling pattern when we add a suffix to a root word. Today we are adding the suffix er to words that end in e. Use the ppt  here  to find out all about it. There are activities included on the powerpoint but don’t forget to log on to Spelling Shed to earn some rewards and keep updating your avatar.


Today we are carrying on our work with making equal groups. Mrs Marshall tells us all about it in the narrated powerpoint  here

Today it is a practical lesson so there are no sheets to work on. The link to the video clip from slide 7 is attached below in case you cannot see it.

If you are finding the task today a little bit tricky, use the powerpoint here which explains it a little bit more.


We hope you have got your passports at the ready because today we start our new topic for the half term which has a geography theme. Remember that geographers are interested in the Earth’s physical features such as mountains, deserts, rivers and oceans. They are also interested in the way that people affect and are affected by the natural world.

Mrs Phillips is going to introduce us to our new topic  here    so listen carefully and hold on tight!

Passport Template here

We hope that you have had a lovely day today and have enjoyed finding out about our topic for this half term. Don’t forget to stay active too and keep up the hard work. We love to see all of your work and photographs.

The Year 2 Team