Year 2 Home Learning Tuesday 19th January

Home Learning Letter – Year 2

WB 18.1.21

Dear Parents/Carers,

We hope you enjoyed the science work from yesterday about exercise and you are not too tired to tackle today’s learning!

Just a reminder – reading books are being collected this Friday.  Please leave them outside your front door before 9am.  Thank you!

Please use the email to contact the Year 2 Team at any time and we will get back to you the next working day.



Today we are focusing on retrieval questions in our reading. Click Here   The power-point is narrated.


In literacy today, we are learning about a new non-fiction text type.  Please follow this powerpoint to find out more.  If you need a text to complete the task, you can find that here.


Today we are answering two-step problems.

Watch the video below and then complete this worksheet. These worksheets increase in difficulty, therefore please work at your child’s own pace and ability

Video: Two-step problem video

Answers: Tuesday answers

Extension work: Investigations power-point

If your child lacks confidence in maths or is finding it difficult, then please look at this Support Ideas power-point to help adapt the work. If your child is still finding it difficult, then please contact us on for advice.


In Spanish this term we are learning the names for fruits. Click here for the Language Angels website. The user name and password you need is:



Select ‘Dashboard’, Click the Spanish flag, select Unit 5: La Fruta, lesson 3, then click Start Lesson. The slides are easy to follow. As an extension this week use this Fruits wordsearch or use the additional games provided. Please only complete Lesson 3 of this unit.


Our PSHE unit this term is Dreams and Goals.  Last week we asked the children to choose a new challenge to learn, this weeks task asks the children to think of their learning as small steps to success. We are encouraging the children to persevere when learning becomes a challenge. Click Here  for the narrated slides and follow each one through till you get to the task at the end which is to complete PSHE worksheet PDF

or PSHE Word

If you have any questions please email

Kind regards,

The Year 2 Team

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