Hello Year 3 – welcome to Welly Wednesday!

We hope you are well and remaining positive.  We wanted to start today by saying how incredibly proud we are of each and every one of you. You are all working so hard in very strange circumstances both in school and at home.  Keep it up and we are sure we will be back together learning and having fun in no time at all!

As we mentioned in our post yesterday, this week is children’s mental health week so ELSA.com have provided an ‘express yourself challenge’. If you are taking part just click on the attachment below and see if you can complete the 5 activities in order to receive a certificate at the end of the week! We would love to hear  how you are getting on with the challenges so please feel free to e-mail us updates to – year3@abbeyroadprimary.co.uk


Today’s suggested timetable – Routine is the key to success and motivation!

Before 9 am – wake up, have breakfast and get ready for the day!

9.00 am Joe Wicks / Cosmic Yoga / Just Dance / Go Noodle 

Or here is Routine 2 from the Leed’s Rhinos

9.30 am Guided Reading

9.50 am Break

10.00 am Maths

10.45 am Take a break

11.00 am English

11.45 am Lunchtime

12.45 pm Spelling task

1.00 pm Forest School Art Task

2.00 pm Personal choice of: Creative play / reading/mindfulness / Lego / Drawing / cooking or crafting / walking / playing outside

Guided Reading

Each week, we will set the Guided Reading tasks on TEAMS and would really like you to send your responses to it in this way.  However, if you struggle to access the resources we will insert them into the webpage each day too.  Even if you access the materials here, where possible, please submit your answers via TEAMs. If all else fails email your work to:

year 3@abbeyroadprimary.co.uk

This week’s questions: In word and PDF format

Guided Reading week 5

Guided Reading week 5

This weeks pages:

Chapter 5 Dinosaur Trouble

Chapter 5 Dinosaur Trouble


Today’s maths looks at the different ways in which you can divide a number. The link to the sheets is below. Again, please do not print them out, look at them on screen and write your answers on paper at home.  Mark your own work afterards using the link to the answers!

wednesday sheets

wednesday answers


We begin to write our newspaper report today about how the Iron Man escaping and then Hogarth saving the day (again).  As always we are going to recap our success criteria and then hand over to you to try your best to include them in your writing!

If you would like to print the template- newspaper report template

Within the lesson, there is a clip that we wanted you to watch to inspire your Iron Man descriptions in your report but unfortunately (as you will see) it isn’t working so we have re-uploaded it here. Sorry, we know it isn’t ideal!

Iron Man clip


As last week, here is your weekly spellings and spelling task.  You can either print these sheets out and record your practice attempts in the boxes or write the spelling words out a few times/put them into sentences on some paper from home. They are in word and PDF format below.

These are from EdShed so you can log in using the details found at the back of your diary and play the interactive spelling games to help you practice if you think this might help.  We won’t be setting a formal time to test your spellings but if you would like to please feel free to organise a time to test yourselves and let us know your scores.

spelling activities

spelling activities

Forest School 

This week we are going to think more about soil / mud! Get your forest school gear on ready to get muddy! Watch the video below to give you some ideas for activities outside.

As ever, we are here to help, no matter how small the query!

Take care

Year 3 Team!