After the Prime Minister’s announcement, we now know that we will be back in school from Monday 8th March. Mr Good and Miss Wroe can’t wait to see you back in school! It is going to be great to be together again!

That means, there is just one more week of home learning before we are all back in the classroom together. You have done a fantastic job of completing your tasks at home! Now that the ‘end’ is in sight, let’s make this the best week of home-learning yet!

This Thursday is World Book Day – a time when we celebrate books and the joy of reading. We are actually going to be doing our World Book Day celebration on FRIDAY instead! We will take a break from our normal timetable and spend the entire day doing activities linked to books and reading instead.

When you come back to school next Monday, please can we ask that you return the art equipment to school: wax crayon, palette, paintbrushes, sketchbook and charcoal.

Before 9:00 – Wake up, have breakfast, tidy your room, brush your teeth.

9:00 – Reading task

9:30 – Maths

10:15 – Take a break and get some exercise with this video

10:45 – English task

11:30 – Reading your own book

12:00 – Break for lunch

1:00 – Time for more school work


Start the day with Mrs Toom’s assembly.

PLEASE NOTE – Year 6 are celebrating World Book Day on Friday, not Thursday.


Reading: This week our reading tasks are going to be based on the lyrics of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air that we started learning in last week’s music lesson. If you weren’t able to do your music lesson, this video will show you the song we are learning.

For your task today, start by reading through all of the lyrics below:

Task: Now, think about each of the main parts of the story and create a comic strip showing the different stages of the singer’s life.

Writing Task 1: After reading the first chapter of Room 13 on Friday, we are going to think some more about Fliss’s nightmare and how we could write about it. Watch today’s video to get started.


This week we are starting a new topic: algebra. This topic can sound really scary, but actually we have answering algebra-style questions for years! Can you remember answering a question like this?

This question involves an unknown and is an example of a question involving algebra. You’ve been answering algebra questions throughout school without ever realising it!

Today our focus is on finding a rule in maths. Watch the video and complete the worksheet.

Today’s video              |             Worksheet          |             Answers              |              Optional extra challenge!


Main tasks: Watch today’s video and carry out the tasks within it.

Just for fun: Watch this song about animal adaptation. WARNING: IT’S CATCHY!


When we come back to school next week, we are going to base some of our learning on The Graveyard Book, so please make sure you keep listening to the story each day. Watch today’s video to meet a new character in the story.



Reading Task: We are continuing to use the lyrics of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air for our reading today. Using the lyrics, answer the following questions in your book.

  1. What does he mean when he says his life was ‘flipped turned upside down’?
  2. What was his mum hoping for as she sent him off to Bel Air?
  3. What does the phrase ‘begged and pleaded with her’ tell us about his feelings?
  4. What did he think life in Bel Air was going to be like?
  5. At the end, he talks about sitting on a throne and being a prince. What does this tell you about him?


Writing Task 1: This week we are going to produce our own piece of writing about being in a nightmare like Fliss! To prepare, we need to make a plan. Watch today’s video to find out more.



We’re going to be carrying on with our algebra topic and our focus on finding a rule. Today we are going to be finding rules where there are two steps (we do two things to the input, rather than just one). Watch the video and complete the worksheet.

Today’s video                  |             Worksheet         |             Answers              |             Optional extra challenge!


Time to get musical!

This half term we are going to be learning a song using the website Charanga Yumu. In your home-delivered pack, you should have received a login for this. Go to and use the login details mentioned on your letter. You will see you have an assignment on here – each week you will complete a different step on this assignment. Watch Miss W’s video to explore what to do this week.


¡ Hola!

As always, we are going to be using Language Angels for our Spanish. Login as instructed on your letter from your home-delivered pack using If you have lost the login, please email

Once logged in, select ‘Unit 4: Los Verbos Regulares (Regular Verbs)’ from the ‘Super Challenge’ section. Today we will use lesson 2. In this lesson you will learn about the three different types of infinitive verb categories in Spanish: -ER, -IR and -AR. You will also learn about verb stems and endings.

Task 1:  Use slides 1-6 to explore how English verbs change, depending on who says them.

Task 2: Use slides 7-16 to explore how Spanish verbs are categorised. You will notice there are 3 groups of verb endings which we will look at over the coming weeks.

Task 3: Use the remaining slides to explore the stem and stem ending of the verbs. Make sure you press the play button each time to see the animation.

Task 4: Complete the verb stem and endings worksheet. Identify the verb stem and ending in each word – you could underline the stem and circle the ending, or use different coloured pencils to highlight the difference.

Optional challenge:  Complete the verb translation worksheet. You could use Google Translate to help!



Thing’s are about to heat up in our book! Have a listen to today’s very exciting section.



Reading Task: Now that we understand the lyrics really well, it’s time to have some fun. Look at the image below:

Your task is to change the words in pink for synonyms that mean the same thing. The challenge is to make the lyrics sound as posh and as formal as possible! I think it will be really funny to change a rap song to sound completely different! This task will be a Teams assignment. You can type your new lyrics straight into Teams and submit your assignment once you have finished. NOTE: You do not need to do the whole song – just the lyrics below. You do not need to make it rhyme!

Writing Task:  Today we start writing! There is no video to watch and no other instructions to give you. We will have time tomorrow to finish our writing so you don’t need to get the whole things done today. You should aim to get at least half way so that tomorrow you can spend some time editing as well as writing.


  1. Use your plan to remember the key details of your story.
  2. Use your success criteria to tick off the words, phrases and ideas that you hoped to use.
  3. Take every opportunity to make your story as tense, dark and spooky as possible

WARNING: We are not writing horror stories! There should not be any blood, guts or gore in your work. That is a different genre of writing and is not what your teacher wants to see. It is fine for it to be spooky, scary and creepy, but pleased no murder and blood.



Today we are looking at forming expressions. This sounds scary and confusing, but actually it means instead of using numbers, we are going to use letters. When we come back to school next week, we will be carrying on our understanding of algebra, so please don’t worry if you find this challenging. Watch the video and complete the worksheet.

Today’s video                   |             Worksheet          |             Answers            |             Optional extra challenge!


It’s time to start a new art topic! Our focus this half term is on exploring different artistic media. Today we are going to be using charcoal. WARNING – charcoal can be messy! Keep it in the envelope until Miss W tells you to use it. Make sure you are doing your art lesson in a suitable space in your house (e.g. not in a room with white carpets!!). Watch Miss W’s video for instructions on the lesson.


Last week we looked at the origins of Islam. This week we are looking at the 5 pillars of Islam. What rules do you follow, and how do they influence the way you live your life? Click here for lesson number 2.


What is going to happen to Bod now that he has been tricked by the ghouls? Listen here to find out!



Reading:  Put the following ideas in order according to the lyrics of Fresh Prince of Bel Air:

  • his mother packed his suitcase
  • he got into a cab at the airport
  • he begged his mother not to go
  • he got into trouble in his local neighbourhood
  • he enjoy drinking juice from a fancy glass.

Writing task 1:  Today is your opportunity to finish your piece of writing. Your story should end with the character waking up from their nightmare and speaking to their parent.

Writing task 2: I know you would probably like to get to the end of the piece of writing and stop, but we are not finished yet! One of the best things you can do is read your story out loud to yourself.

  1. Check for any mistakes
  2. Take time to add detail and description to really paint a picture for the reader
  3. Refer back to your planning sheets – did you include everything that you had hoped to? If not, take the time to add details now before you finish.


Today we are looking at substituting pictures and letters for numbers. Have a look at this example:

Could you work out what the answer is? Here, the heart is equal to 4. This is substituting with algebra – we are substituting the heart for the value of 4, then working out the answer. Watch the video to investigate this more, then complete the worksheet. There is then a Microsoft Forms Quiz to submit your answers.

Today’s video                   |             Worksheet         |             Optional extra challenge!

Flashback Friday? More like Flashback Thursday! As an optional extra, practice skills we have learnt this year by completing these questions. 


This week we are looking at online safety, particularly linking this to our topic of relationships. It’s important we understand how to stay safe online. Watch Miss W’s video to explore this.

In your home-delivered pack, you will have received a Wellbeing Challenge booklet.

Each week, we will ask you complete a section of this booklet – do not complete it all in one go!

Today, take a look at page 4 in your Wellbeing Challenge booklet. Your challenge for the next week is to complete a good deed for someone. You might complete this today, or before next Thursday. Record what the good deed is, and then reflect on how doing the good deed made you feel. Then, consider how doing a good deed could help you be more resilient.


If we were in school, we would be doing rugby. Our focus for today is on passing and catching. Look at this document and have a go at the tasks mentioned. You may like to go to a park or large outdoor space for your PE each week and use a family member to help you.

Optional extra: each week, have a look at this document and choose an activity you would like to complete.


Watch today’s video to listen to the next part of The Graveyard Book.


As we are celebrating World Book Day today, the timetable is going to look different from normal. Rather than doing our normal subjects, we will spend the entire day celebrating books and reading!

NOTE: Activity 2 today is a live event online that is taking place at 10:30am. Don’t miss it!

Activity 1: BOOK HUNT!

Let’s start the day by making a quiz! Start by choosing a book that you love – this can be any book at all. Then, trying and use pictures to give clues about the book so that someone else could guess the book you are thinking of.

For example, I could give the following clues:

What book am I thinking of? Yes, Letters from the lighthouse! Can you see how each part of the image gives you a little clue about the final answer?

You can use photographs of things around your house, pictures from the internet or your could draw all of your clues.

NOTE: We would like you to bring your page of clues with you to school next week. We’re going to look at each other’s and try to guess all of the books!

Activity 2: LIVE EVENT!

We’re going to join some authors LIVE on the internet at 10:30am! Follow this link to join the event!


We are going to spend a lot of today on a fun project: We’re going to make our own book to give to the younger children in school! Have you heard of Tom Fletcher? Have you seen any of his interactive books for younger readers? Watch this interview with him about his books and how he writes them.


Let’s look at an example of one of Tom’s books so that we can see how it works. Watch this video  before reading on.

Can you see that each page gives the reader an instruction about interacting with the book? Tickle the dragon’s nose; blow out the fire; pop the water balloon! Little kids LOVE this kind of story because they get to join in!

Our task is to make our own book like this!

Activity 5: PLANNING!

Tom Fletcher’s books involve a domino effect: what happens on the first page, leads to the event on the second page and this leads to what happens on the third page. If we are going to write a book like Tom, we need to make a few important decisions:

  1. What animal/creature will be in our book? A monster? A dragon? An alien? A monkey? A superhero?
  2. What sequence of events will happen?

You should make a plan that looks like this, where the first event leads to the next event and so on.

For example, in the book we read, the events happen like this:

Draw four boxes side by side. Now think about what your animal could do or how you could have a child interact with the character and what that would do. Here are some ideas:

  • You could have the creature sneeze when they are tickled
  • You could have the creature wake up when they are poked
  • You could play hide and seek with you creature
  • You could rub a lamp to make a genie appear
  • You could imagine something that your creatures needs in order to help them


Now that yu have a character and you know what is going to happen on each page of your book, it is time to start putting the book together. For this, you could remove some pages from the new workbook that was delivered to you. (It is quite easy to remove pages from the centre of the book, near the staples.)

On each page, draw a picture and add the writing – giving the reader an instruction about how to interact with the character.


Use this post on the school website to create a wishlist of the top 3 or 5 books that you would like to read. Then, you could show your parents before your next birthday or at Christmas time, so they know what to get for you.


If you get everything finished and you still have time, why not create a front cover for your book or write a blurb to tell people what’s inside.


What better way to finish World Book Day than to listen to a story! Here is today’s section of The Graveyard Book.