Dear Parents and Year 5 children

We hope that you are all staying well. Week 3 of the Summer home learning is below. Once again you will also need a power point (pdf) that will be emailed to you.


Letter to Y5 Parents W.C 04.05.20

Letter To Year 5 Children W.C 04.05.20(1)

1 Literacy grid wc 04.05.20

2 Literacy – Design a Golf Course

3 Literacy – Writing Editing Publishing

4 LIteracy – Spellings – ei words following a c

La Ropa – Pupil Vocabulary List (2)

Maths grid w.c 04.05.20

Other Curriculum Areas Grid w.c 04.05.20

Reading Comprehension – last week’s answers

Reading Comprehension Questions

Reading Comprehension Text