Hello Year 6 – happy February!

Here we are for another awesomely-epic week of learning! You’ve done a fantastic job so far, and we’re STILL loving seeing all your learning. Please keep sending it to us! It’s also been lovely to see lots of your faces on our group calls. Make sure you check Teams to see when your class’s next meeting is.

We’ve got 2 more weeks left of our topics! This week we’re going to think like explorers and delve into Antarctica and plot Shackleton’s route using coordinates; we’re going to think like scientists and review our data; and we’re going to think like artists and critique different paintings.

As usual, we have a timetable for you to follow each day. Remember, keeping a routine is a great way to stay on top of everything and to feel calmer about the work you need to get done.  

Before 9:00 – Wake up, have breakfast, tidy your roombrush your teeth 

9:00 – Guided reading task

9:30 – Maths  

10:15 – Take a break and do a Just Dance video, just like this one:


10:30 – English task  

11:30 – Reading your own book or completing some questions on TTRS (see below!).

12:00 – Break for lunch  

1:00 – Time for more school work  

Times Tables Rockstars Battle!

Calling all of Year 6! A TTRS battle will commence at 8am on Monday 1st February and will finish at 4pm on Friday 5th February. Log on each day for at least 5 minutes to join in for your class. Let the battle begin!



Here is a link to Mrs Toom’s assembly for this week. Start your week by watching it before jumping into today’s learning.


ReadingIt’s time to read some more and do today’s task. As usual, all of your reading has been set on Teams but you can use the files below if you’d prefer.  

All of this week’s reading text|  All of this week’s reading tasks

Writing Task 1: This week we’re starting a new topic in our English lessons! Watch today’s video to find out more! 

Writing Task 2: Here is the text that you need to use when hunting for features. When you are finished, here are the answers!



This week we are starting our new topic: converting measures. Throughout the week, we would like you to explore different measurements, for example how we measure heights, weights and capacity. If you can, spend time measuring different things in your house, perhaps by doing some cooking or baking at home. 

Today’s lesson is looking at metric units. Watch the video and complete the worksheet. 

Today’s video | Maths worksheet | Maths answers  Optional maths extra


This week we are going to focus our learning on Shackleton’s journey on the Endurance. We’re going to plot Shackleton’s intended route across Antarctica and plot the actual route the crew took. You will have a Teams Assignment for this lesson today – use the assignment to plot the coordinates. If you are unable to access Teams, complete your work separate by using this document. If you complete your work separate, make sure you send a photo of your work to year6@abbeyroadprimary.co.uk. Watch the video below and follow Miss Wroe’s instructions. If you find this work tricky, don’t worry – just do your best!


If you didn’t have time to finish your 3D boat design on Tinkercad last week, you should continue to work on it this week so that it is finished before Friday’s computing lesson. Here’s the link to our class incase you need it. You will need our class code: 15EJJ2UI65Q3


Don’t forget 6W and 6G Team Meetings – 9:30am

See you there!

Achievement Assembly

Congratulations to our Achievement certificate winners this week: Saif-Ali in 6W and Alice in 6G. Saif-Ali impressed Miss W by taking on new challenges and also taking time to help his sister with her learning too. Alice has impressed Mr G with her mature approach to home learning, showing engagement with every subject and working hard in them. Well done to our winners!


Reading TaskContinue your reading in the normal way: reading today’s section of the text and answering the questions for lesson 2. 

Writing Task 1: As we prepare to write our own explanation text, we first need to make sure that we have enough information to include in it. Watch today’s video and follow the instructions. 

Writing Task 2: Use the links below to find out as much information as you can to use in you writing.  

Click here if you want to find out more about the heart

Click here if you want to find out more about blood

Click here to watch a video about the process and the journey that blood takes.



A new assignment has been set for you on EdShed. Log in to practice a set of challenge words. You may like using these sheets to help you. 



Today we are converting metric units. Don’t forget to explore measurements this week – look at items of food or drink in your house and explore the measurements used. Watch the video and complete the worksheet. 

Today’s video  | Maths worksheets | Maths answers  Optional maths extra 


Some people have realised that their boat design did not save properly. We have now realised that the best way to save your work is to exit your design when you have finished. To do this, click on the Tinkercad logo in the top left of the screen. The button looks like this:

We would really like everyone to have a design finished by Friday’s lessons where we will be sharing our work with our friends.


I hope you had fun last week carrying out your investigation. Today’s lesson is all about showing our results and thinking about what they show. Use this document and follow its instructions.  

Task 1: Draw a graph showing your data 

Task 2: Answer the questions in the presentation  



Reading Task: Carry on with your reading activities for this week.  

Writing Task 1: Now that we have collected all the information that we need, it is time to make a plan Click here for today’s video to find more.  



Have you been on TTRS yet?! Log in and help your class be victorious!

Today we are calculating with metric units. Watch the video and complete the worksheet. 

Today’s video | Maths worksheet | Maths answers  Optional maths extra 


It’s time to start researching and preparing for our final piece of artwork! Next week we will be painting a landscape in the style of George Marston (Shackleton’s expedition artist). Before we start painting, let’s take a look at his work and respond to his paintings. Watch Miss W’s video to see the paintings. Then, complete your task using Teams or using this document. If you don’t complete it on Teams, send us a photo of your work instead. 

Click here for images of paintings. Click here for the questions. 


This week we are continuing our learning about the Sikh religion. 

Task 1: Read this presentation and follow the instructions.  



ReadingStart by carrying out the activity for today and then reading the next section of the text.  

WritingRather than simply complete a piece of writing, we are going to produce an artistic masterpiece! Watch today’s video to find out more!  


Today we are converting miles and kilometres. Have you ever noticed that other countries measure long distances in km rather than miles? Or even speeds in km per hour rather than miles per hour? You may like to investigate distances using a map or Google Maps.

Today’s video  | Maths worksheet | Maths answers  Optional maths extra 



This week we are carrying on thinking about our goal and how we might support or raise awareness for it. Do you know anyone who has supported a goal or charity? We’re going to take a look at some inspirational children this week who have stood up for what they believe in and made a difference. Watch this video to find out more. 

Each Thursday, we are also going to post one of the ‘Five Ways to Wellbeing’, as supplied to us by ©ELSA Support. Today, our focus is about learning new things. Have you learnt anything new so far while at home? Look at this slide to see how you could learn some new things during lockdown. 


If we were in school, we would be doing gymnastics. Each week, you may enjoy looking at this document and completing a task from it. Ignore the days on the tasks, complete whichever you like! 



Reading: It’s almost the end of another week. Log into Teams to complete today’s task.  

Writing Today we are going to think about the introduction to our explanation text. To help us prepare, we are going to look at some examples. Here is the link to today’s video.  

Below are the introductions that you need for your task. You can click on each one to zoom in.


Today we are looking at imperial measures. Have you ever heard of imperial measures? Watch today’s video to find out more, then complete the worksheet.

Today’s video |  Maths worksheet | Maths answers  Optional maths extra 

Flashback Friday! As an optional extra, practice skills we have learnt this year by completing these questions. 


How did you get on with your boat design? Is it all finished? If so, then you are ready to share your design with the rest of Year 6 so that we can have a look at it. Watch this video to learn how.  

Click here to login to Tinkcad.



¡ Hola!  

As always, we are going to be using Language Angels for our Spanish. Login as instructed on your letter from your home-delivered pack using https://www.languageangels.com/homeschool/. If you have lost the login, please email year6@abbeyroadprimary.co.uk 

Once logged in, select ‘Unit 3: El fin de semana (The weekend)’ from the ‘Super Challenge’ section. This is the unit we will be looking at this half term. 

Today we will use lesson 4. Start the lesson and use the play arrow to go through the slides. Click on the speakerphones to hear the recordings. 

Task 1: Use slides 2-11 to recap our vocabulary.

Task 2: This week we’re then going to focus on saying not only what we do, but what time as well. Explore this by going through slides 12-21. 

Task 3: Choose a worksheet challenge level and complete the reading task. By reading the Spanish, try and choose the correct answer to the questions. 

If you are finding this tricky, use this vocabulary sheet to help!

Optional challengeOn slide 22, it introduces some new vocabulary. Listen to the vocabulary, then look at slide 23. Are you able to link up the English with the Spanish translation? Have a go at writing your own sentences to describe what you do on the weekend and at what time, maybe even using the time connectives show on slide 22 to help you. 



If you have any questions or have work to submit, please send an email to year6@abbeyroadprimary.co.uk 

Kind regards, 

The Year 6 Team