Good morning everybody,

We hope that you’ve had a lovely weekend, and not been too chilly, and that you are feeling ready for a new week of home learning. Thank you for ‘turning in’ such superb descriptive writing; it has been wonderful to read. Well done everyone!

Teams Meetings

5DM are having a Teams meeting today at 9:30am.

5H are having a Teams meeting tomorrow at 9:30am

Here are your lessons and tasks for today:

Mrs Toom’s Assembly

Click here to watch Mrs Toom’s assembly.


Click here to watch Miss Healey read the beginning of ‘Part 8’ of Wonder.

Guided Reading

Please click here for your guided reading task today. You will be finding out lots of information about Isaac Newton. (If you cannot download this, this here is a pdf version of the same task). When you have answered all of the questions, you can check your answers by clicking on the answer sheet – word document or pdf version.


Today you are going to recap ‘Word classes’. Please click here for your video lesson. Then, click here for your task. There is an answer sheet for when you have finished. (Again, only if you cannot download them, here are the links: pdf task and pdf answers.)


This week, we are continuing with our division work. Please click here for the video lesson. Then, click here for your worksheet. When you have finished, please click here for the answer sheet. If it is easier for you to access PDF documents, here is the PDF worksheet and here is the PDF answer sheet.


This week we are moving on to ‘Forces’. There be a Science lesson on most days this week so be ready to learn all about ‘Fabulous Forces’. Please click here for the video lesson. The PowerPoint of the same lesson is here if you prefer this.

Times Tables Rockstars

How are you getting on with playing TTRS? Have you managed to earn yourself some more coins? Keep going because playing will help you to gain confidence and speed with your times tables knowledge.


Keep playing on EdShed to help you learn your spellings this week.

Daily Reading

Do you have any book recommendations that we can share with others in Year 5? Remember to spend some time reading each day.

Stay Active

It’s so important to get a bit of fresh air and exercise each day. What are you planning to do today? Maybe it will be another snowy walk.

Have a great day and remember, if you would like to share any of your work with us today, you can email it over to us at

Keep working hard, we are so proud of you all!

Mrs Mitchell and Miss Healey