Good morning 😊

How are you all? We hope you’ve had a nice start to your week and that you were able to enjoy some time in the snow before it melted yesterday.

5H, please remember that you have your class meeting at 9:30. You won’t need to bring anything with you to this today.

Here are your lessons and activities for the day:


Click here to hear Mrs Mitchell reading some more of ‘Part 8’.

Guided Reading

Please click here for today’s Guided Reading questions task. The answer sheet is here. Your answer needs to be similar to those shown. (If you cannot download the word documents, here are the same tasks in their pdf version – task and answers)


Today, you will continue to explore division. Please click here for your video lesson. Here is today’s worksheet and here are the answers, for when you are ready to mark your work. If it is easier for your to download PDF versions, here is the worksheet and the answer sheet.


Your lesson today is all about friction. Please watch your video lesson by clicking here. You will need to fetch some different things at different points within the video so please make sure that you pause when you are asked to so that you can go and find what you need!


Today’s Music task must be submitted to us. Please now visit Teams to view your assignment. We would also prefer you to submit your assignment on Teams. This will be an audio recording of your musical composition. If you cannot access Teams, here is the music video. As always, if you have any problems submitting your work on Teams, you can email it to us at Make sure that you check, at home, for a suitable time for you to practice and record your music as we know if could get a little noisy. It would be great if we could hear your compositions today but we understand that you might have to wait for a suitable time to work on this and that’s absolutely fine.


This will be your last PE task linked to Netball. Are there any activities that you haven’t given a go yet? If so, can you try them? If you’ve had a go at everything, go back and have another go at your favourite one! Here’s the document.

Times Tables Rockstars

Keep earning coins for your rockstar!


Keep rehearsing your spelling rule by playing on the Spelling Shed games.

Stay Active

What will you do to keep active today? It’s set to be another chilly one, will you wrap up warm and get outside for some fresh air?

Have a great day! Remember, if you would like to share your work with us, you can always email it to us at

Miss Healey and Mrs Mitchell 😊